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Tele company helps and promotes the recycling of rechargeable batteries

Taili has developed a certification scheme for recycling used batteries, which recycles used batteries by consumers through collection points located in various parts of China. Collection points are located in retail stores, communities, enterprises and institutions, government organs and other public places.

Communities, enterprises, institutions and government organs all over the country can register as a recycling point by filling out a form after consulting the recycling hotline 400-888-6821. Thaley Company will send people to collect knowledge training for the person in charge of the registration point, and provide collection boxes and propaganda materials. Used batteries can also be put into the collection box by calling the recycling hotline 400-888-6821 for consultation.

Tyre helps and promotes the recycling of rechargeable batteries, including those used in laptops, mobile phones, power tools, electric cars, digital devices and so on. As long as consumers see the sign of tele recycle on the battery, it means that it can be recycled and reused.