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Tens of thousands of Chinese retailers, enterprises, institutions, communities, government agencies and the public are welcome to participate in the recycling plan to protect the environment, help to recycle energy and give the recycled materials a second life. Your actions will be praised, in short, to protect the beautiful planet on which we live.
The recovery plan is easy to implement, following these simple steps:
1. Read carefully the information and safety guidelines for recycling bins
2. Training staff to guide recycling procedures
3. Recycling bins must be placed in places that are visible and dry and cool.
4. Recycled batteries should be less than 10 kg each
5. Each battery should be packed in a sealed bag.
Participation problem
1. Why join the telerecycle program?
There are several reasons: a. telerecycle can help enterprises recycle resources. B. Our plan is to protect the environment and reduce the harm of heavy metals in waste batteries to land, water sources, plants, animals and human beings. C. Our plan is easy to operate and easy to use. It also attracts more traffic in stores.
2. How do consumers know where to recycle used batteries?
Consumers can find any nearest collection point and put it in the collection box through our toll-free telephone number 4008886821 or login to this website.
3. Pay for reclaimed batteries?
Recycling batteries is free, belongs to public welfare and environmental protection activities, is our social responsibility.
4. Why should each battery be packed in a sealed bag?
Bulk batteries are prone to leakage and short circuit sparks, which can lead to battery explosion or other damage caused by leakage, so each battery can be insulated in a sealed bag, also prevent leakage, and bring a sense of safety to transportation.
5. How can we participate in this public welfare activity and build a recycling site?
Volunteers can consult through our toll-free telephone number 4008886821 or login to this website, ask for forms to be filled out carefully, and then return to us, after verification, it is OK.