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  Business philosophy: "Sunshine Dream, Team Sharing"

  This is a sunrise industry, but also an environmental protection industry; everyone wants to live in a beautiful environment and space, the earth gives us an environment and space, it is created by ourselves, but may also be destroyed by ourselves; Taili's team is dedicated to environmental protection, will waste into treasure, with our efforts to repay society, our mother earth. Pro, this is the common ideal of the Taili people.


Enterprise Spirit: "Science and Technology Create Green Life"

  Recycling and disposing of waste batteries and regenerating waste resources need to rely on technology. To make waste batteries resource-based and environmentally friendly, we must rely on sophisticated science and technology, reasonable research and development direction, rigorous academic attitude, and use science and wisdom to restore life and rebuild a green home.


Enterprise Aim: "Waste Battery Regeneration Expert"

  As an enterprise devoted to recycling economy of waste batteries, Taili's great ideal and ambitious goal is to become an expert in the field of waste batteries recycling and carry out the cause of waste batteries recycling to the end.